Rent a hidden earpiece

Hidden earpiece for rent in Saint-Petersburg city, Russia.
Price is 500 rubles/day (about $17/day).

You can contact us by phone :+7 (812) 941 7261, we speak English.
ICQ: 157395388, Skype: vigilant_spb

hidden earpiece for rent

We offer professional hidden earpiece for rent. It's a bluetooth headset + high-quality hidden earpiece. Now you have real chance to pass difficult exam without any risk or problem. Easy, convinient and cheap way to get a good mark without proper knowledges.

Why should I rent hidden earpiece in your company?

  • Professional high quality spy earpieces, providing excellent volume;
  • Headset connects to the phone without wires (via Bluetooth);
  • Flexible mortgage may provide the document as a pledge
  • Contract (lease) for rental;
  • Instructions and demonstration of usage;
  • Battery for testing and a new battery in the package;
  • The device is obligatorily disinfected.

How to buy hidden spy earpiece?

You should call us, price is 4444 rubles (about $150). 2 year warranty is included.


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